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Informing, creating and developing are some of my top values when it comes to my work as a journalist. Working as an editorial intern for Delaware Today Magazine was an amazing and enjoyable experience which exposed me to field interviews, editing, fact checking and making connections in order to grow my brand.  

I've graduated from the University of Delaware in May 2022, obtaining a bachelor of arts degree in English with minors in journalism and fashion management. Since then, I have begun my journey in a career of communications and public relations as a full-time publicist for MB and Associates PR, located in Marlton, NJ. I am excited to start this new journey to expand my experience in communications outside of just writing. In addition to being creative and driven, I bring a hardworking attitude to the table and am always looking for a new challenge!

Some specific skills that I possess include writing, editing, graphic design, interpreting and/or critiquing words, following specific directions in a neat and organized fashion, comfortably speaking to others who I am unfamiliar with, completing tasks both individually and as a team, checking my work as well as others’ work, being eager to learn, researching and observing.  I have learned in my many years of working in the retail industry and the restaurant industry part-time how important it is to help others and work as a team while also staying focused on the task at hand and remaining organized in times of stress and confusion.  

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